beautifully manicured back lawn

landscape plus

By far our highest seller, Landscape plus is a great selection for constructing a usable high quality lawn. It contains high quality dwarf perennial ryegrass which makes for stoloniferous growth. In lay mans terms this means that this product has excellent self repairing properties, making this turf highly suitable for areas which need to look the part but have a fair amount of wear and tear!

Uses include luxury lawns, golf tees, sports fields etc.

turf delivered online quote

turf delivered & installed  online quote

top lawn

Just as the name suggests this turf is in our opinion the Showcase for luxury domestic lawns. This turf simply exudes quality to the most discerning lawn owner or grounds man. more...

Back lawn with a house in the distance

drought tolerant

This turf is a unique product that contains a high percentage of rhyzomatous tall fescue. This grass produces rhizomes (an underground stem), that will shoot above the soil surface. more...

Curved Lawn